Thomas' Anthem Lyrics

Thomas' Song Lyrics
Thomas' Anthem Lyrics

It's Thomas the Tank Engine
Hip hip hip hip hooray
Chugga chugga chug chug, Chuff chuff chuff
He rides along the way
And when you hear that whistle
It can only be one train
Our favorite little engine
Thomas is his name

Thomas the Tank Engine rolling along
All of his friends will be coming along
Thomas, we love you

He's a really useful engine
With a heart that's big and strong
He chugga chugga chuff chuffs, working hard
Helping everyone
Thomas he has lots of friends, and you can be one too
Just clap clap clap and sing along
Thomas we love you


There's Gordon and Henry
Edward, James and Toby
Annie and Clarabel, and don't forget Percy
Terence and Bertie
Diesel, Duck and Daisy
Lots more friends for you

He's always up to mischief, that cheeky little train
He chugga chugga chuff chuffs everywhere
He's always playing games
The Fat Controller scolds him, but loves him just the same
Our favorite little engine
Thomas is his name

(Chorus 2x)

Thomas we love you, Thomas we love you

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