Woody's Waltz Lyrics - Toy Story

Song from the "Toy Story" soundtrack
Toy Story - You've Got a Friend In Me Lyrics (Wheezy’s Version)

Once upon a Western plain
A cowboy raced a westbound train
On a horse that was tall and a good true friend
And I have to believe it was more than pretend

Once upon a different time
When lawmen weren’t just left behind
’Cause they stood for the truth and the truth didn’t bend
And I have to believe it was more than pretend

More than make-believe
More than dream come true
More than wish on yonder star or two
More than just a boy’s occasional friend
A toy longs to go where it’s more than pretend

Once upon a certain day
When sheriffs weren’t just child’s play
They were tough, they were strong, they would fight
to the end
And I have to believe they were more than pretend


Where you practice your ridin’ with a hat on your head
Where the cactus ain’t plastic they’re painful instead
With a badge made of silver a heart made of gold
And a man is both gentle and bold

Once upon a mountain high
A hero’s hand could reach the sky
And the moon and the sun rose and set just to lend
A light to this world so much more than pretend


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