2. Cinderella at the Grave Lyrics

Walt Disney's Into the Woods Movie (2014)
Into the Woods - Cinderella at the Grave Lyrics

"Cinderella at the Grave" is a song from Into the Woods Disney Movie performed by Joanna Riding.

Deep within the woods,
Cinderella had planted a branch at the grave of her Mother.
and she visited there so often,
and wept so much,
that her tears watered it until it had become a magnificent tree.

I wish...

What is it you wish, child?

Do you know what you wish?
Are you certain what you wish is what you want?
If you know what you want,
Then make a wish.
Ask the tree,
And you shall have your wish.

Into the Woods Disney Cinderella at the Grave Lyrics

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Joanna Riding Cinderella at the Grave Lyrics Into the Woods Disney



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