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The Motion Picture production (2014)
Tarzan Trailer Soundtrack Lyrics

Soundtrack from the trailer 2014 Tarzan Lyrics

Directed by newcomer Reinhard Klooss, Tarzan is a thrilling CGI adaptation of the timeless classic Tarzan of the Apes. The film features the score of the prolific David Newman, who expertly captures the wonder of the world of Tarzan. Pounding drums, delicate strings, and more exotic fare form a powerful yet intimately touching companion for the ape man and his adventures.

Tarzan 2014 Soundtrack

1. Prologue
2. Family Fun
3. Kala And Kerchak
4. Tarzan Is Alive
5. Tarzan Wakes Up
6. Growing Up
7. Tarzan Climbs Tree
8. Tarzan Looks Beyond
9. Tarzan Helps Jane
10. Jane And Dad
11. Tarzan
12. Tarzan Fight
13. Jane Returns To The Camp
14. Tarzan In Camp
15. Blackmail
16. Tarzan And Jane
17. Tarzan And Jane In The Lake
18. Entrance To Cave
19. Reunion
20. Kala Is Shot
21. Tarzan Mourns For Kala
22. Take Me To The Meteor
23. Detonation In 8 Minutes
24. Finale
25. Loud Like Love Lyrics - Placebo


Lyrics from Tarzan 2014 Soundtrack

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